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Blackjack: The Double Down Rule

Ask any player who gets rich from the game of Blackjack and they will tell you it’s the timing of the double down that is going to get you the best bang for your buck.

So what is a double down?

A double down is a rule that only the player can use in a game of Blackjack when playing offline or online on sites like Unibet. It can be used anytime the player wants, as long as the request to double down is the first action they take in the hand.

When choosing to double down a player should indicate their intention to do so to the dealer. It’s important to make this as clear as possible and we advocate that the best approach is to simply tell the dealer that you wish to double down, followed by a placement of chips no greater than the original bet.

When should you double down?

If you are serious about the game of Blackjack then this isn’t a question that you should leave to the subjective mind. There is no room for intuition and gut feel in the game of blackjack. Instead, you must follow basic Blackjack strategy and only double down when the strategy says to do so.

But without a copy of the basic blackjack strategy handy, the premise is pretty simple. You double down when your two-card combination is more likely to hit 21 on the turn of the next card, and the dealer is more likely to bust.

If you consider that four out of every eleven cards are valued as a ten, then the best time to double down is often when you are looking at a combination of cards with a total value of eleven. If the dealer’s up card is a low card then it is the prime time to double down.

Once you double down you cannot draw another card irrespective of your hand total.

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