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Know the Risks

The proliferation of gambling sites and paris on the Internet has only increased the sheer number of youth involved in the game It’s become an addiction among adolescents more important than smoking, alcohol or drugs. According to a survey of McGill University, 30 percent of students in Secondary 1 Montreal play games of chance at least once a week and adolescents are two to four times more likely than adults to become problem gamblers .

Young people who have mastered the new technologies are turning increasingly to the websites of gambling because they are easily accessible, convenient and anonymous. A survey conducted by the Network in 2001 on the activities of young people online reported that two out of ten high school students have already visited a site that accepts paris. Just have a credit card, as have often university students and even some high school students.

In Canada and the United States, a law prohibits minors from gambling on the Internet, but it is difficult to apply. Young people often hide their age and place of residence when registering on-line sites of Paris. A 2002 study by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission found that 100 sites of Paris, 20 percent exhibited no age restriction for participants and most had no effective mechanisms to prevent the participation of minors.

Young people do not have to look far to find gambling online. Internet casinos are flooding their advertisements that appear on sites popular with teens and even children. Many young people are betting on sporting events in sites that rank then rank their results and offer prizes to top players. They are not considered “real” sites paris because their participants did not play for money. Nevertheless it is a learning game and that many of these sites have links to online casinos.

“Neopets.com, for instance, is an immensely popular site with pre. It may be creating virtual pets do not they should take care. To do so, we invite young people to get in games of “Neopoint” to buy food or other products. These include, in particular, a section based casinos with names like “Neopoker”, “Jubjub blackjack” and “Diceroo. In the past, Neopets has already encouraged its young users to visit sites of its sponsors and register. And, of course, the sponsors involved are often sites of casinos and gambling online.

Why a site for 8 to 12 years is it the promotion of gambling sites and adult paris? In preparation for the future! The gaming industry is already among the most profitable businesses on the Internet, and it is expected that its importance will increase tenfold over the next few years. The idea is to develop as soon as possible in the new generation of habit and the taste of paris and gambling. A strategy that the industry does not admit openly, but that did not stop during a conference in Toronto in 2001 to make frequent reference to young people as “potential untapped market.”

Tips for teachers

Discuss with students the gambling and the risks they entail.

Remind them that the law prohibits minors gambling online.

It loses money

Sites that organize such activities are there to make money: they earn much more than they pay

It can ruin your credit

Gambling online generally require the use of a credit card. Young people who accumulate debts can destroy their future ability to borrow, or their parents.

One can become a compulsive gambler

Gambling is a solitary activity that can engage for hours without anyone noticing, with a simple credit card. All the requirements are met and to develop an addiction.

It is an illegal activity, Canada and the United States prohibits gambling by minors.

Consequently, when it comes to pay sites do this time a lot of energy to verify the age of the winner and refuse to pay money to minors.