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Privacy Policy

Outlined in this privacy policy is how casinoring.com will collect data from its users. In addition, the policy details how this data will be used and the different type of data that the site is likely to collect from those registered.

In an age when Internet security is a major concern, we are pleased to inform all our users that all data held by the site is stored securely, taking current Internet guidelines, rules and regulations into account. This ensures that all data we held is stored as securely as we can possibly make it.

Use of the site, joining it and using the information and articles within implies that any user agrees to the terms of this policy.

What type of information is collected?

The following type of information is usually collected about users:

Name, Contact information, date of birth, location, any hobbies or interests they may have, technical information (via cookies) about how they access the site and any other information that the user freely provides that the site deems noteworthy.

How do you gather the data?

The collection of data for the site is achieved primarily from using one of the three methods outlined below:

  • The completion of online forms or other documents by users
  • By users interacting or communicating with the site, site owners or each other.
  • Through the collection of data transmitted by cookies downloaded onto users devices. (Using the site infers that you have given full consent to the site collecting data from you about your site usage and habits in this way).

What do you do with the data you collect?

Once collected the site will use the data collected for many reasons, including:

  • Feedback about aspects of the site and its content
  • To enable us to help develop more relevant content and a better all-round site
  • To enable us or selected other companies to contact users
  • Market research
  • To allow for accurate record keeping of all data held on file

The site owners reserve full rights to change or edit the information contained within this policy, without prior notification needing to be given. As such, it is strongly suggested all users periodically check back to this page to ensure that they are in agreement with the terms as stated.